A Livable Wage (not a Minimum Wage) for Women

Here’s a great piece of analysis from an North Carolina FIST member’s blog Womancipation Proclamation on the fight against low wages and sexism.

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NC Raise Up organizer Zaina Alsous participates in civil disobedience at the NC legislative building.

The Femme Imaginings of Asaase Afua

North Carolina, as well as many states across the US, suffers from a disease I call “let’s not pay workers a living wage”. You see, NC’s minimum wage reflects the federal wage of $7.25 an hour, which means that these individuals are expected to survive on a mere $15,080 a year. Over the past 30 years, the rise in minimum wage has not paralleled inflation or the increasing cost of living. If the federal minimum wage rose at the same rate as the exploitative 1%’s earnings, it would be $22.62 an hour today. And despite the stereotypes, low wage workers are not primarily teenagers working after school and during vacations. They are adults. They have families.

Low wage workers are also disproportionately women.

In North Carolina, 61% of the lowest paid workers are women. Many of these individuals are breadwinners, single mothers and women of color. They are hard workers who probably cannot…

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