The Truth About Communism: New FIST Pamphlet


From basic Marxist concepts to explanations of historical revolutions and workers states that have built towards socialism, “The Truth About Communism” clearly and concisely lays out the Marxist-Leninist view of society, history, and revolution.

The Truth About Communism PDF

Excerpts from “The Truth About Communism”:

You are a worker. You may have a job working
behind a counter, sweeping floors, selling things,
answering phones, working on an assembly line,
cooking food, teaching, building things, or doing
anything else. You may have a job serving the public.
You may have a job producing things. You may have a
job fixing things or advising others. You may have
multiple college degrees. You may have a very specific
and rare skill. You may be unemployed at the moment.
You may be a student. You may be disabled. You may
be in prison. Regardless of the specific aspects of your
job situation, you are a worker.

A “Prison Industrial Complex” has been set up.
Capitalists are making lots of money from locking
people in prison. So, naturally they push for a “war on
drugs,” lengthy prison sentences and other expansions
of the prison system, in order to make more profits.
The fact that over 2 million people are prison in the
In the “Prison Industrial Complex”, capitalists make profits
from locking up working people.

This is not a “conspiracy theory.” There is no
secret cabal or mystical plan being put into operation.
The problems faced by billions of working people
today are simply the result of capitalists trying to
make more profits for themselves at the expense of
the rest of humanity.
What is good for capitalists tends to be bad for
workers. Wars, unemployment, environmental
destruction, mass imprisonment and poverty are all
bad for workers. But they all also mean more profits
for the capitalists.

To see Socialism fully blossom, we must see
world revolution. Only when imperialism has been
brought down, and no longer threatens the people of
the world, can the full development of socialism come
into being. Only after Socialism has thrived as a global
system, and greatly increased the technological
capabilities of the human race, can the higher stage of
Communism begin to unfold.