About FIST

national fist comrades at g20FIST (Fight Imperialism – Stand Together) is a national group of young revolutionaries committed to fighting racism, sexism, oppression of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, and exploitation of the working class, all of which result from imperialism and capitalism. We believe that the only way to achieve true liberation for all peoples throughout the world is through socialism.


We are living in a time of capitalism at a dead end, where our dreams are constantly crushed by budget cuts, racism, deportations and poverty. The need for a revolutionary movement to transform society is more urgent than ever.

cam justice for trayvon crapped

Our generation suffers greatly because of capitalism. Low-wage work, homelessness, foreclosures, incarceration, police brutality, racism and lack of healthcare are the reality for most of our generation. Crushing student debt weighs down young workers, while tuition continues to skyrocket. Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, and Ramarley Graham, along with too many other young people of color, remind us of the racist violence that terrorizes our communities.

fist against libya warWe are the generation that knows nothing but constant US invasions of sovereign countries, which kill millions of people across the globe, all so monopolies can make billions in profit. We know that imperialist war is essential to the system of capitalism, and it is up to us build a movement, in solidarity with working class people across the world, to defeat imperialism.

palestine march 2009


It’s time for us to organize to build the type of society that puts people’s needs first. FIST is dedicated to achieving such a society by building a multi-national, multi-gendered, organization of revolutionary youth that will organize and fight in the streets. We currently have young people organizing in Baltimore, Durham, Detroit, New York City, Rockford, Boston, and Philadelphia.

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  1. Dear comrade,

    Yesterday I made a short article about your group, FIST, at Communpedia. ( http://en.communpedia.org/FIST ) Communpedia is a wiki encyclopedia, like Wikipedia, but written mostly by communists.

    To make the article, mostly I just copied text from the `about’ page of your website. Hope you don’t mind. My intent was to promote your group; also to make a historical record.

    If you want to add or change material in the article, you can, since it is a wiki. If you object to the copying of your material, you can just delete it. To do these things, you would have to make a user account, but that is easy, no email or other information is demanded, all you do is choose a user name and password.

    I got into Communpedia about a year ago, because as far as I could see it was the most active communist wiki on the web. Also, it’s not dogmatic. Other editors that have been fairly active there in the last year are User:Fred_Bauder, and User:XXPowerMexicoXx .

    You are very welcome to use the site as a place to put information which you would like to have (somewhat) more widely known. You might also find it useful for constructing documents as a group.

    Anyway, it’s always good to see ethical people such as you and your comrades fighting against injustice. Good luck with your activities.

    — Communpedia user, Tribal

    ( http://en.communpedia.org/User:Tribal )

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