Oppose Trump! Smash Fascism!


Donald Trump’s meteoric rise into prominence among the potential Republican nominees for president just months ago may have seemed unfathomable. During the last election cycle of 2012 he was considered to be nothing more than a joke and an attempt by major news networks to garner ratings. Even this time around, since he first announced his candidacy in June 2015, it was greeted with laughter by most political pundits, with the exception of those at Fox News. Among his opponents there are still some who view him as something to be gawked at, however his electoral success and large number of loyal supporters have proven otherwise.

Trump has captured the imaginations of a relatively large proportion of the white working class of the US who have catapulted him far into the lead in the presidential race. So far since the Republican primary elections have began, Trump has managed to win 10 states out of 15 and maintains strong leads in polling among potential voters. What makes him unique is the mass-character of his campaign. He doesn’t rely entirely on the already existing political establishment, but rather alienated and disaffected white workers who are eagerly looking for solutions to the crisis the working class faces. This section of our class is being lead astray by racist, right-wing scapegoating against the most oppressed among our population.

This mass movement of disaffected white workers finds its basis in the devastating capitalist crisis that began in 2007-08 and has seen no end. The capitalists who are responsible for the crisis are eager to divert the mass energy away from them and into the most vulnerable and oppressed elements of the U.S. working class: undocumented workers and latin americans, muslims and arabs, women, and even the disabled. This global capitalist crisis has not only fed the flames of racist reaction in the United States, in Europe many right wing, even fascist, movements and political parties once considered fringe have come to prominence. The leader of France’s racist ultra right wing party the National Front, who have made extraordinary electoral gains in the past several years, has endorsed Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency.

Within the US, the support he enjoys among the most reactionary neo-nazi, neo-confederate, and other fascist elements in US society whose voices he channels is particularly alarming. Trump has been formally endorsed by former Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke. Stormfront, the world’s largest English speaking White Nationalist forum praises him daily. Trump has returned this favor by giving these fascists a platform via social media, Telesur reported recently that 62% of Trump’s retweets are from white supremacist twitter users. The Trump campaign has even given press credentials to Stormfront radio syndicate, “The Political Cesspool” to cover his events.

FIST calls for the organization of the broadest possible united front of all progressive forces to combat Trump and the fascist mass movement behind him. We call for the unity of community organizations, political parties, trade unions, faith groups, and all those who stand to be trampled upon by the fascist boot. The electoral defeat of Trump is only one battle in the struggle against rising fascism worldwide, but it is only one arena of struggle. Fascism must be crushed wherever it rears its head. Whether in the polling place or in the streets, whether with the ballot or with fists. Only unity of the entire working class of all nationalities has the strength necessary to combat this threat and carry it to the finish, where we live in a world free of exploitation and oppression.

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