Free Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi! Stop the Execution! US/NATO Out of Africa!

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The hired guns of the US government are on a killing spree! The police say they are “just trying to keep us safe” while they gun down innocent Black people. They claim they are enforcing “law and order” while they flaunt the basic concept of human rights, and engage in a campaign of terrorist violence.

Back in 2011, the leaders of the western capitalist powers said they were going to “rescue” Libya. Just like the US police, who “keep us safe” with their guns, the US/NATO “rescue mission” came in the form of cruise missiles that destroyed the country. Since the US led attack, conditions have become so bad that thousands and thousands of Libyans have already drowned in the Mediterranean, packed onto ships trying to escape from the new regime. Now that Wall Street and London have reconquered Libya, much of the country no longer has electricity or running water. Hunger is everywhere. The number of who have died as a result of the US/NATO attack is in the tens of thousands.

Libya once had the highest life expectancy on the African continent. Government ownership of the oil resources and a planned economy provided full employment, free education, and universal housing to all Libyans. In addition to universal employment for native Libyans, thousands of impoverished Africans from across the continent were welcomed to Libya and provided with jobs the moment they arrived.

Back in 2011, Libya was looking to create an independent African banking system and currency. The revolutionary independent government led by Moammar Gaddafi sent weapons to freedom fighters in Palestine, Ireland, and all over the world. Libya gave millions of dollars to the Black Panther Party and the the National of Islam to fight against racism in the United States. The US bombing campaign had nothing to do with “human rights” or “liberation”, it was about beating down an independent African country.

But the Libyans have not surrendered! All across the country, revolutionaries continue to erect the Green Flag, and armed groups that seek to restore the Islamic Socialist Republic continue to fight back. The leaders of the corrupt new regime, controlled by the billionaires in the Europe and the United States, now want to execute Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi. They hope that by executing this man they can demoralize the Libyan people and stop the continuing resistance.

Anti-imperialists and Anti-racists from around the world must demand that this execution be stopped! Don’t let them lynch this symbolic leader of the African revolution! Stop the Execution of Saif Al-Gaddafi! Global Capitalism Out of Africa! Long Live The People’s Resistance!